(L’Orizzonte degli Eventi)


translated by ADRIANA ROSSETTO

Italian Playwrights Project 2nd edition (2018/19)


Olga is stuck in a studio apartment, which has a wall with many doors and cupboards, a front door which doesn’t open and no windows: she cannot figure out what has happened, she  only knows that she cannot escape. When she tries to open one of the doors on the wall, she immediately comes back from another one and continues to stay there. At some point, however, she realizes that time is messed up and that every time she leaves, she enters a different time of her life.

It turns out that the doors are a black and white hole device, which draws her own personal story into the room, including events and people she loves, as if she had been kept captured in a maze of memories.

Marco is her boyfriend but sometimes he isn’t, her father is alive but later dead, her mother left when she was a little girl but she is suddenly back. Olga struggles to understand and does not know what reality is and what she can do to change what happened and what didn’t happen. She cannot surrender to the real time, to past events, to those journeys into a grief which is too true to be science fiction. 

She learnt from her father that the edge of the black holes is the horizon of the events, because it simply moves away as we get closer, which is how future works, too. You cannot fight against future by giving up on the present, you cannot deny present by locking  yourself inside the past. So, when reality materializes and Olga realizes that her father is dead, that Marco has decided to leave his country and when her mother tries to ask forgiveness, she understands that the only way to overcome grief is to feel it.

So she runs away in order to learn how to get back.

The translation of Event Horizon would have been possible thanks to the involvement and support of Premio Riccione  

Elisa casseri

Elisa casseri


Elisa Casseri (born in Latina in 1984) has a degree in mechanical engineering. She published Teoria idraulica delle famiglie, Elliot Edizioni, in 2014 and a year later she won the 53rd edition of the theatre award Premio Riccione with the text L’orizzonte degli eventi.  She publishes the blog “Memorie di una bevitrice di Estathè» and contributes to the “Nuovi Argomenti” magazine.

About the Translator:

Adriana Rossetto is an international actress with a predilection for raw, socially progressive work with avant-garde esthetics. She graduated from the conservatory program at the Stella Adler Studio, class of 2014. Recent credits include Post:Death, directed by Theresa Buchheister at The Brick Theatre (Title:Point), A Doll House (Dorset Theatre Festival reading series), Rocco Chelsea Adriana Sean Claudia Gianna Alex (a stage reading at The Actors Studio) - opening at HERE Arts Center in February 2019. Adriana is a resident actress and Director of Development at John Gould Rubin’s The Private Theatre, resident actress and board member at Vieve Price's TEA Creative and Artistic Associate of Valeria Orani’s Umanism. Past training include the Guildhall School of Music and Drama (London) and NIDA (Sydney).